Fasting or Upvas

Google 'Upvas', it will show you images of food generally eaten on the day of 'Upvas'. But really is that the meaning of Upvas, to restrict some food items and only eat pre-defined list of food items, pre-defined list varies for each religion, caste, sub-caste etc.

Some people like fasting because they like eating fasting food, some do it for religious purpose, some do it to make their wish come true, while some do because they want to get slim.

What is my purpose of fasting, what is my thoughts on fasting, my thoughts may be different form the rest of you all but I think my thoughts are trending towards become a hermit.

Imagine you're walking on the road alone, you see a shop where your favorite food item is served, it smells tasty, you feel like going and eating it. What do you do?

You go and eat, simple enough.

But if you were to see from my eyes, it starts here, when you see that shop, when you see that thing, when your heart pounds for it, just think, is it my need or my desire, What is my desire, things that I like but don't really need it, I can live without them. What is my need, things that I want and I can't live without them.

Off-course you can't live without the things you desire but can they be reduced, we're animals trying to be human, we have tasted blood 'i.e. that tasty thing' but can we become humans and let go that deer 'i.e. that tasty thing'.

Upvas is when you can control your desires and let go, on this day don't eat that pizza, burger, finger-chips, BBC, chicken lollipop, beer, etc. Control your desire and depend only on that what is needed.

A more wise way to do 'Upvas'.


Come to think of it, isn't enjoyment also a need, Imagine a person, always working for his/her family, controlling all desire just full filling need, where he can eat tasty, he eats bitter because that tasty is less nutritional and more expensive. Is that why we live? Is that why we earn? Is that why we progress? Life is to enjoy. But how much enjoyment is needed? Going for a junk/outside food every day, once in a week, once in a month, If we control too much we live a life without enjoyment, if we enjoy too much we live in our desires, with desires come addiction, with addiction comes dependency, Once you're dependent, you have to consume even if that is bad for your health.

So balance?

Human beings have a brain, we represent it with a 'tilak' on our forehead, shouldn't we use that brain to control/balance daily activities.