Rules are for Stupid People

Let's think on it deeply, what are "rules"?

Rules are boundaries created for people who don't understand.

Example: Suppose if someone very popular died, someone who was very loving to all. That person has created a place in heart of all people across all the world. So someone decided to create a WhatsApp group to remember moments of that person's lives. Imagine in that group if someone posted a funny video of a dancing monkey.

Won't everyone in the group be angry, they will create a rule for those person who don't understand the purpose of the group, who are not capable to understand that person's work for all human kind.

So rules are those, who don't understand.

Otherwise wise people doesn't need rules, they respect the boundaries because they know the importance of the purpose behind it.

Try to know the purpose you will himself realize the value and why we shouldn't break the rules

You himself can make "Bharat Swatch", if you know the importance of the purpose behind it.