What happens when you donate, a beggar.

When you donate money, you donate him his choice of today, He has a choice of what he does with this money.

When you donate him food, you donate him health, He eats your food, and he gets his strength.

When you donate Love, you give him hope, he today has a feeling that world is a better place to live.

When you donate him knowledge, you donate him wisdom. With that knowledge, he now can obtain a job, from that job he earns money, from that money he earns food, food he provides to his family, he earns love of his family.

Think of a person, a person on the street, you pick him up; you get him into a car training school or you get him into a cookery class or you get him into a crochet class or you get him into a English speaking class options are limitless depending on his choice.

That person you've picked has transformed to a skilled worker.

Think before you donate, go for the root of the problem and not for just the problem.