Number magic

Today I was going through ‘’ when I found this amazing channel about numbers 'numberpile', I liked almost all videos in that channel but the most favorite one, was about the number '6174'. '6174' and '495' are two of my favorite numbers. Why? Because of its property,

Step one: Take any 4 digit number let’s say '6354'
Step two: sort it in descending and assign it to 'a'
So, a = 6543
Step three: sort it in ascending and assign it to 'b'
So, b = 3456
Step four: (a-b) and assign to a
So, a = 3087
a = 8730
b = 0378
(a-b) = 8352
a = 8532
b = 2358
(a-b) = 6174
a = 7641
b = 1467
(a-b) = 6174

The number is '6174' and '495' is called 'Kaprekar's constant' as this was discovered by a Indian mathematician D. R. Kaprekar, '495' is for all three digit numbers.

Cool, isn’t it!


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