A Billion Dollar Idea

Everyone says it is so hard to find a idea which is worth a billion, it’s just because we are looking at things from a different perspective, we are looking as we are taught too, but today I’m going to let you have a different perspective to look at things so you all can have various billion or even trillion dollar ideas.

Here it goes, don’t look for idea instead look for problems, well let’s take a example for this, two friends were chatting over web discussing a serious problem on relationship, but was not able to get to a conclusion so one them said there should be a website in which I should be able to post my query and get results from all over the world and that’s when ‘forums’ came, so you see a problem helps creating wonderful ideas, next time when you’re in a problem think deeply and solve it manner that others follow you.

Hence proved you all can be a billionaire


kapil said…
worth 100 million :)