A theory on dead relationships

"Generally what people do when their pet dies? They just bury it and plant a scrub upon it"

What do we do when we break up a relationship either we try to patch up or just ignore the damn thing, well if you're the one who "ignore the damn thing" then reading rest is not necessary, but if you're one of those who cries to patch just because they love them so much then you're only ripping away your own self-respect.

Let's reframe the first phrase, generally what people do when they break up into a relationship? They should just forget it "bury it" and stand on it "plant a scrub on it".

If you're trying hard to get back you're love, I just say "you're digging way too hard to get back what is dead and also you'll have to rip of the your self-respect (Scrub)".

Move on there are plenty of fishes in the sea