The name revealed

Long time back a regular creature with some irregular properties was walking down the road, that regular creature is lizard and as you all might know, a lizard have a irregular property of losing its tail, a lizard become very tensed when losing its tail. So while walking down the road that lizard saw our irregular creature and got astonished as this was a very extraordinary sight. Our irregular creature was feeling a bit low by seeing the expressions of that lizard. But suddenly that lizard lost tail and became very unstable. Lizard cried for help and here comes in picture our irregular creature.

Our creature as I told you in my previous blog had three heads and six tails, so with three heads he had a 3D view (Top, Rear and Side view) to the problem then with its six tails he helped the lizard to feel how is to be with six tails and still be very funny. Seeing all this pleasant sights the lizard became very happy and was curious to know the name of our irregular creature.

Our creature after helping and with the ample knowledge of ".XML Parsing." said to lizard ".Kolliens, Dorsky Kolliens." then Dorsky walked away in the thin air.

Well the complicated part is still about to come but for that you'll have to wait . . .