God's Wish

Once upon a time long ago there were three people, one was a kisan(farmer), a vayapari(business man) and a King. The kisan was a hard worker and was very poor, the vayapari was a usual business man he was having ample money and was very happy with his life and lastly the king as usual the king was having King Size life and way ahead good then both kisan and vayapari.

One day while kisan was working hard to earn a meal for his family, an fellow friend told him that the wealthy vayapari at the village was born on the same date and same time and most interestingly he has same kundli as you do. The kisan got astonished hearing this and decided to talk with vayapari and ask him why he is so poor and why vayapari is so welthy. The kisan approached to vayapari and started an aggressive conversation with the vayapari, the vayapari which was listening everything said by kisan replied that he was also have the same feeling because the king that village was also born on the same day and time, so kisan and farmer decided to ask the same question from king.

They both went to king and asked everything. The king said we will go to some other village changing our appearance, so now the king, vayapari and kisan went to some other village where no one know them. They decided to continue this journey till three days. Each day one out of three is responsible to bring food for other two. So on the first day kisan was appointed to bring food, the kisan as usual worked very hard and brought food. On the second day the vayapari was responsible to bring food, the vayapari was walking and was thinking how to arrange food and suddenly he saw a apple farmer carrying a full basket of apples, he asked the apple farmer to trade apples for 25 gold coins which he has brought with him. The vayapari while returning saw a rich family which was starving, so he sold all apples in 200 gold coins. He asked king and kisan to eat at hotel. Finally it was king who was suppose to bring the food, the king didn’t know anything (business or hard work like kisan) but he just decide to visit village and he saw a cow and some grass besides her. The king went and feed that cow. Suddenly everybody came running and started to praise the king. The king of that village died on the day when king came in the village, as the the king of that village was not having any children the king made a will that anyone first outsider who came and feed the royal cow will be the king of the village. The king again became a king. The kisan and vayapari were invited to royal palace for meal.

So, this was it, beyond God’s wish anyone couldn’t do anything, the God gave them same kundli but then too they were living a different life its gods wish. So what? should we leave everything because it is God who decides, No! we should work because to learn and to not repeat mistakes again rest we can leave it on God.

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